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Jaccard Pig Tail Flipper

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  •  Easily lifts, rotates, flips, carries, and serves food without tongs, forks, spatulas, mitts, and other cooking tools
  • Made from surgical-grade stainless steel; notched wood handle for secure grip; keeps hands away from heat; hang to store; measures 12-inches
  • Razor-sharp tip hooks food instantly; won't tear meat or scrape off marinades, spice rubs, and seasonings; perfectly angled for less hand strain
  • Ideal for bacon, tenderloins, steaks, chops, chicken, hot dogs, ears of corn, potatoes, pulling pickles or olives from jars, and more
  • Great for grill, oven, broiler, crockpot, smoker, or campfire for easy cooking, grilling, or entertaining; manufacturer's lifetime warranty; hand wash