Do you have an amazing sauce, marinade, spice, rub, or other food or beverage product that you dream of selling?

John Henry companies can make your dream a reality!

We are a one-stop source to help you produce and deliver your product!
From product production to packaging and shipping, we are here for you every step of the way.

Sauce-a-Holic Bottling Company

Manufacturing & Bottling

We offer small batches starting at only 40 gallons!

Do you have an amazing recipe but not the facilities to produce your product on a larger scale? That’s where Sauce-a-Holic Bottling Company comes in. With your recipe and our production power, your product can be produced for the mass market.

From one of our happy clients:

"We have been using John Henry companies to manufacture, bottle and fulfill our orders and feel they have played an important role in our growth!"

- Katy Meiselbach, 5 Point BBQ

Banita Packaging and Design

Brand and Packaging Design

A great product needs a great package design. Banita has your back! We can help you create an eye-catching label to grab customers’ attention and help you stand out from the pack!

Social Media Marketing

Unless your brand is a household name, it can feel nearly impossible to make a dent in the billion-dollar global food and beverage market. Every day, hundreds of new competitors are emerging to vie for your consumers, your brand strategy, and your shelf space. So how do you capture the attention of consumers among all the noise? Effective social media marketing is the key to growth in the modern-day food and beverage industry.

Banita Packaging and Design

Lil' Creek Fulfillment


Overwhelmed by packing and shipping your orders? Lil' Creek has you covered! We will put our order fulfillment capabilities to work for you and your product. Our team will setup an integration with your website so that all online orders automatically feed into our shipping system.

Sauce-a-Holic Bottling Company makes it easy for you to develop your product for the mass market. Our goal is to make it simple for you to find success with a product and recipe you are passionate about. Fill out the form below or call (281) 272-1875 to get started.